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“I have known Ms. Sharon Lewis for approximately 2 years. She is a very personable and capable young lady. She is the care giver for one of our clients, and does a very good job in providing for her welfare. Recently I referred her to another family and I received glowing comments about her care and devotion. She has compassion for what she does, and that makes a whole world of difference.”
Clarice Rynes, RN
Director of the Mt. Zion
Senior Life  Enrichment Center

“We are so grateful to employ Sharon Lewis and her agency, Total Companion Care.
I was stricken 28 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis, eventually requiring the services of a CNA. When my husband, my primary caregiver suffered a stroke followed by signs of Dementia, Total Companion Care became indistensible in proving qualified Home Health Aides to assst in my daily living activities".
M. S. Engelhardt
Total Companion Care Client

“My mother has been under the care of Total Companion Care for 1 year.  Sharon Lewis has provided professional and courteous care for my mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Sharon Lewis and her staff are very sensitive to the needs of my mother, they take the time to interact and with my mother, take her shopping, and prepare meals for her.  Since I live a long distance from my mother, Total Companion Care gives me comfort in know that we have someone who really is passionate about their profession and always put the care of others before themselves.  I know that my mother is in good hands, and my family and I appreciate all that Sharon Lewis and the staff at Total Companion Care have done to provide quality care and comfort for my mother."
Mr. Samuel Houston
  Total Companion Care Home Health Agency